May 8, 2018 1245

Tordera secondary school in Barcelona

The new secondary school in Tordera is a new building built with industrial compartments. The building encompasses 11 different compartments on the ground floor, 15 compartments on the first floor as well as an indoor and outdoor stairwell in order to connect both floors.

Building the school took 51 days of construction and was managed in 3 different phases:

  • 44 days were allocated to the production and assembly of the different compartments.
  • 2 days were allocated to unpack and transport the different compartments.
  • 5 days were utilized to assemble the different compartments “in situ”.

Bimplicity was actively involved in the design and modeling of all the installations in order to extract measurements and construction plans.The team was present at all the different stages of the project in order to coordinate the installation and guarantee the best possible solutions.

Location: C/ València, esquina C/ Josep Tarradellas, Tordera
Surface: 1.277m2

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